The babyphone is a baby monitoring application that measures the audio noise level. If the volume exceeds a configurable threshold the phone initiates a call to a predefined phone number (the parents).

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the license, or (at your option) any later version.



N950, N9 / MeeGo

N900 / Maemo

Supported Systems

The application runs on the following systems:

Since the development is done using Qt, porting the application to other Qt platforms like Symbian should be possible with reasonable effort.


MeeGo Harmattan

You can download Babyphone from Nokia Store.

Alternatively, you can use the following community repository.

Maemo 5

The installation follows the usual sequence for Maemo devices. The application is part of the extras repository, which is preconfigured.

A beta version may be available at extra-testing. For this you may need to activate the extra-testing application catalogue in the application manager on your N900 as described here:

Babyphone package information is available in Maemo's package management interface system.

Usage / Manual


After you start the application you must configure the parent's phone number on the top of the main screen. This phone number will be called in case of loud environment. You may enter the phone number directly or look up in your address book to select one.

The two graphs below display the audio measurements on the environment. The upper graph displays the audio level. Every time you see a red line the audio threshold is exceeded.

However, the phone does not call the parents already at the first loud audio sample. The noise need to be present for some time to be more resistant against noise. This is reflected by the bottom graph. The counter value is increased on loud noise and decreased if it is silent. As the gray threshold line gets exceeded the phone finally calls the parents.

After starting the application the program is monitoring the audio but does not initiate phone calls already. For this you need to activate the babyphone by clicking the button at the bottom. The active status will be indicated by changing the button's color to red.

As the babyphone established a phone call at high audio volume, you can take the call on your monitoring phone to hear your baby. As you hang-up the call the babyphone application gets active again and continues monitoring.

Adjusting the Settings

By pressing the application title on the top of the screen you get access to the application settings where you may want to adjust the parameters:

Advanced Settings

The application stores its settings in a config file at /home/user/.config/morawek.at/babyphone.conf. Few additional settings exist, which are not accessible via the graphical frontend but only via this settings file.


Due to CPU processing load the battery will be drained faster while the babyphone application is executed. It yields an additional load of about 30-40 %. The majority of it comes from the pulseaudio audio capturing service and its analysis. The battery influence is not dramatically but recognizable.


This is a list of considered upcoming features, which are not planned and implemented yet:


Thanks to Anna Morawek for designing this website.

Thanks to the Tango Desktop Project for providing the application icon.

Thanks to the Spyphone project for inspiring me to develop this software.